Course Capacity Overrides


How do I allow students to register for courses that are full, restricted, or require pre-requisites?


  • TopNet


Set up a Registration Override in TopNet.

  1. Log into TopNet.
  2. Click the Faculty Services tab.
  3. Click Registration Overrides.
  4. Select the term for the course you wish to apply the override, then click Submit.
  5. Enter the student's WKU ID number or NetID, or search for the student by name, then click Submit.
  6. Confirm that you selected the correct student by clicking Submit.
  7. Select an Override type.
  8. Select a course to apply the override to.
  9. Click Submit to apply these changes.
  10. Verify that the override was added. Overrides are displayed in the Current Student Overrides section.

 Note: The student is not yet registered for your course. Creating the registration override only gives them the ability to enroll. The student may enroll in the course themselves or you can enroll them in your course through another TopNet page.

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