Installing Xerox Print Drivers (macOS)


How do I install Xerox printer drivers?


  • macOS


The proper driver from Xerox must be installed in order to utilize all printer features.


  1. If the printer has already been installed on the computer in question it must be uninstalled before continuing.
  2. Go here and search for your Xerox model printer
  3. Select the Drivers & Downloads under the built-in controller setting. 
  4. Select the operating system appropriate for the computer you need to install the driver on. 
  5. Download the software from Xerox provided. 
  6. Open the .DMG file and launch the installer. 
  7. When the installer reaches the step of Select Printer ensure that you select to add a printer via IP or DNS name
  8. Type in the IP or DNS name of the printer. 
  9. If prompted, select the exact printer model from the dropdown menu in the installer. 
  10. Click Continue.
  11. Select the printing options you would like at the end of the installer. 
  12. Click close after the installer finishes.
  13. Open a document you wish to print. 
  14. Click the File menu.
  15. Select print
  16. From the macOS print menu, select the drop down menu with various printer settings. 
  17. Select Xerox features
  18. Select Color Options.
  19. Select desired color output options to print in that manner. 


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