Scheduling a Recurring Zoom Meeting with Google Calendar


Scheduling a Recurring Zoom Meeting with Google Calendar


  • Zoom
  • MacOS
  • Windows


  1. Open your Zoom client and sign into Zoom.
  2. Click the Schedule icon.
  3. Select your meeting settings.
    Note: Learn more about Zoom Meeting Options here.
    Note: Recurring meetings cannot be scheduled with your Personal Meeting ID (PMI) since your PMI is reserved so that you can start or schedule a meeting at anytime.
  4. Check the Recurring meeting option.
  5. Click Schedule to open Google and set up your recurring meeting.
  6. When prompted, sign in to Google. If you've already signed in, select your Google account.
  7. Click Allow to let Zoom access your Google account.
    Note: Google Calendar will create a calendar event with the Zoom meeting details.
  8. In the drop-down menu below the date and time options, select the recurrence you want for your meetings.
  9. Finalize your meeting options and click Save.



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