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Instructions for adding an Alternative Host to Zoom meetings.
Instructions for requesting TopNet Faculty Services tab in TopNet.
Instructions for enabling a Zoom Waiting Room when scheduling an individual meeting.
These instructions detail how one can share their Booking page and their specific meeting types within Bookings With Me.
Instructions for creating new meetings using Bookings with Me.
Instructions for scheduling a recurring Zoom meeting with Outlook using the Zoom Desktop client.
Information about activating a new faculty member to allow courses to be assigned to them.
Instructions on how to delay the delivery of an email in Outlook 2016.
How to schedule a Zoom meeting using the Zoom Desktop Client.
Instructions for Setting Up Zoom Scheduling Privilege for an allowed user.
instruction for scheduling a recurring Zoom meeting with Google Calendar
Instructions on creating a recurring audio conference in Zoom.
Information on detailed explanations for the options available when scheduling a Zoom meeting.
Instructions for scheduling a Zoom meeting to be recorded.
Instructions for how to sync Outlook calendar with Zoom so that both reflect each other's calendar events and/or contacts.