Integrating Zoom & Outlook Contacts and Calendars


How do I integrate Outlook and Zoom calendars for synchronization between the two?


  • Zoom
  • Microsoft 365


  1. Open a browser and log into
  2. In your profile, scroll to Calendar and Contacts Integration, and click it. 
  3. You will see options for services you can integrate; choose Microsoft 365.
  4. Make sure you check whether or not you want contacts, calendar, or both synced.
    Note: If you want your chosen service to be able to make changes to your Zoom calendar/contacts, make sure Write is selected to the right.
    Note: If you want the service to see your Zoom calendar/contacts but not be able to make changes to them, make sure to uncheck Write so that only Read is selected.
  5. Choose Authorize with OAuth 2.0.
  6. Click Authorize.
  7. You should see a Microsoft sign-in screen that says Pick an Account. Choose your WKU Outlook account. If you don’t see your WKU account, click Use Another Account to put in your login credentials.
    Note: You will have to approve this login method with Duo. 
  8. You will then see a Permission Requested prompt from Zoom, with a list of requested permissions, click Accept.

You should now be able to see any previous and future scheduled Zoom meetings in your Outlook calendar automatically. Conversely, you should see all Outlook meetings (Zoom or otherwise) in your Zoom calendar as well.

You can confirm the integration, configure the settings, and remove the integration by navigating to your profile, scrolling to the Calendar and Contacts Integration section to see your WKU email address listed as an integration.

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