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Instructions for adding URLs / links to Blackboard Ultra Course View Sites.
Instructions for installing the Zoom Add-In for Outlook 365 accounts.
Information regarding the Calendly service at WKU.
Instructions for creating a new Zoom account or signing into a Zoom account licensed by WKU.
Instructions for adding an Alternative Host to Zoom meetings.
Requirements for running a virtual background in Zoom for Windows.
Instructions for downloading Zoom on desktop or mobile.
Instructions for joining a Zoom meeting with either a Meeting ID or a hyperlink from the Host.
Instructions for adjusting the Zoom settings in your web browser.
Instructions for enabling a Zoom Waiting Room when scheduling an individual meeting.
Instructions for scheduling a recurring Zoom meeting with Outlook using the Zoom Desktop client.
Information about hosting Zoom webinars.
How to schedule a Zoom meeting using the Zoom Desktop Client.
Information about the recommended Zoom security settings for meetings.
Instructions for using a phone call in a Zoom meeting instead of a microphone.