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Instructions for downloading your Zoom Cloud recordings from the Zoom cloud.
Instructions for accessing Zoom Cloud Recordings.
Instructions for downloading a Zoom Recording from a shared link.
Instructions for how to sync Outlook calendar with Zoom so that both reflect each other's calendar events and/or contacts.
Instructions for allowing live stream meetings from Zoom.
Instructions on how to test your audio settings, such as input or output, during an ongoing Zoom meeting.
Instructions for creating a new Zoom account or signing into a Zoom account licensed by WKU.
Information about hosting Zoom webinars.
Instructions for enabling closed-captioning capabilities on the user-level for Zoom cloud recording
Instructions for enabling Zoom breakout rooms.
Instructions for using closed-captioning for a Zoom meeting.
Instructions on how to enable or disable closed-captioning in a Zoom meeting.
Instructions for scheduling a Zoom meeting to be recorded.
Instructions on what to do if you cannot hear a built-in mic in a Zoom meeting when the mic is not muted.
Instructions on how to resize the font in a reply/forward window in Outlook.