How to Schedule a Zoom Meeting to be Recorded


I am scheduling a Zoom meeting and want it to be recorded.


  • Zoom


  1. Browse to
  2. Click the Sign in button.
  3. On the Single Sign-On page, enter your NetID & Password
  4. Click Sign In.
  5. Click the Settings link and then the Recording tab. 
  6. Click the enable button for the options Local Recording and Cloud Recording
  7. Choose the option you want to enable for each. 
  8. Click the Meetings link.
  9. For a new meeting, click the Schedule a New Meeting button.  For an existing scheduled meeting, click the title of the meeting you wish to record.
  10. Under the Meeting Options section, click the check box Automatically record meeting.
  11. Select if you would like to save the meeting On the local computer or In the cloud
    Note: If you select to save the recording to the local computer the recording will only be accessible on that one single computer
  12. Click the Save button.
  13. Your meeting will now automatically be recorded and saved as an MP4 video file on your computer in the Documents > Zoom folder.
  14. To change or find the location of your saved video file, log ininto your zoom account.
  15. Click the Settings button or click on your profile picture and then click the Settings menu item.
  16. Click the Recording link.
  17. The Location box lists the current location of saved recordings.
  18. Click the Open button to open the folder containing your recordings.
  19. Click the Change button to change where recordings are saved.


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