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Instructions for viewing a WKU email account calendar online.
Instructions for requesting a new Public Folder or shard calendar.
Information about the error message "Error Getting Events" from the Blackboard calendar function.
Instructions for how to sync Outlook calendar with Zoom so that both reflect each other's calendar events and/or contacts.
Instructions for adding a shared calendar in Outlook 2019 on macOS computers.
Instructions for adding or removing a delegate in Outlook 2019 for macOS.
Information regarding the Calendly service at WKU.
Instructions for viewing shared calendars for Outlook 2019 on a Windows computer.
Information about requesting that public folder accounts are migrated to shared calendars.
Instructions for subscribing Omni CMS calendars to other calendar events.
Information on the behavior of how Outlook for Mac creates events when multiple calendars are configured for an account.
Instructions on what to do if your email calendar stops syncing to your Android phone.
Instructions for creating a Blackboard Calendar item.
Instructions for exporting calendar entries in a list with editable titles.
Instructions for merging two Outlook calendars.