Retrieving a List of Zoom Meeting Participants


How do I retrieve a list of Zoom meeting participants?


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Follow these directions to view or download a roster of people who attended your meeting


1. Sign into the Zoom web portal.
Note: If prompted, select the Log in with SSO option. Logging in with SSO uses your WKU credentials, ensuring the most secure login and access to features not available in a basic account.
2.  In the navigation sidebar on the left, select Reports.
3. Select Usage
4.  Use the date pickers to select the meeting date range you want, and select Search.
5. When you have found the meeting you want, select the number in the Participants column.
6. Zoom will display the name of each participant as they entered it in the meeting you selected, along with the times they joined and left the meeting. You may export the list of meeting participants as a .csv file (Excel) for your records.

Note: Users who disconnect or leave and return to the meeting may show multiple attentiveness scores.

Note: As of April 10th 2020, the Allow participants to rename themselves setting has been disabled by default. 

Note: WKU ITS recommends requiring authentication when scheduling your meetings

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