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Information on how to rename your WKU email account.
Information about accessing student email accounts before registering for classes for the first time.
Information about dropping a student from a course due to non-attendance.
Information about requesting access to WKU lab printers outside normal semester timelines.
Instructions for instructors on changing settings to allow / disallow students from creating new threads on Discussion Board forums.
Instructions for WKU faculty, staff, and students to create a laptop reservation using the Connect2 system.
Instructions for instructors on how to put students from multiple classes into one course site.
Instructions for Instructors on how to add students to a Blackboard course site.
Instructions for retrieving a list of Zoom meeting participants.
Information for instructors to ensure Blackboard course items can be accessed by students.
Instructions for accessing Degree Works.
Instructions for hiding a grade from student view.
Instructions on how to confirm students are enrolled in the correct Blackboard Course.
Instructions on sending a mass student email.
Information on when you will be able to login Blackboard.