Using Live Closed-captioning During a Zoom Meeting


How do I use closed-captioning during a Zoom meeting?



Live closed-captioning requires Zoom version 5.0.2 or higher.
The accuracy of Zoom’s live transcription, and AI-driven transcription in general, depends on many variables, such as but not limited to:
  • Background noise
  • Volume and clarity of the speaker’s voice
  • Speaker's proficiency with the English language
  • Lexicons and dialects specific to a geography or community
Because of these potential limitations, if you are required to use speech-to-text support for any compliance needs in your meetings and webinars, the option to use a manual captioner who may be able to guarantee a specific accuracy remains an option.
  1. In a Zoom meeting or webinar that you are hosting, click Closed Caption or Live Transcript in the bottom toolbar, if that feature is enabled. If you don't see it in the toolbar, click More on the far right of the toolbar to find these options. 
    Note: Make sure you are logged in with SSO so you have the necessary host rights to enable closed captioning in your meeting.
  2. Toggle on Enable Auto-Transcription 

To change the caption settings (adjust caption appearance, show/hide real-time subtitles, show/hide live transcript ticker).

  1. Click More in the bottom toolbar.
    1. Choose Hide/Show Subtitles to toggle subtitles.
    2. Choose View/Close Full Transcript to view/hide the full transcript ticker on the left.
    3. Choose Subtitle Settings... to view and adjust subtitle font size, and toggle a variety of Screen Reader Alerts. Close the settings window once you've chosen your settings to save.
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