How to Set Up Auto Deletion For Your Zoom Cloud Recordings


How do I set up my Zoom recordings to auto delete? 


  • Zoom


  1. Sign in to your WKU-licensed Zoom account.
  2. In the navigation menu to the left, click Settings.
  3. Click the Recording tab to access your recording settings.
  4. Scroll to the Delete cloud recordings after a specified number of days setting, and click the toggle to enable or disable it. If you choose to enable this, a text box will appear asking you to specify a time range in days between deletion. Type your desired range and click Save

Note: Auto-deletion only happens once per day, thus it is possible that a recording may not be eligible for deletion when the auto-deletion process occurs on Zoom servers. Because of this, auto-deletion commonly occurs one day after the specified amount of days. 

Your present and future cloud recordings will now auto-delete (or not) according to the toggle and time frame you selected. You will have 30 days after the date of deletion to recover a deleted cloud recording from the trash. If you need to recover a recording within this 30-day timeframe, submit a request to WKU AVS here

Twenty-three days after recordings have moved to the trash folder, Zoom will send an email notification alerting the owner that they have seven days to recover recordings from the trash folder. The email will also include a list of recordings that are set to be deleted and a link to the page where video recording files can be managed.


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