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Instructions on how to install Adobe Creative Cloud applications from the WKU Software Center.
Instructions for logging into an Adobe Creative Cloud account purchased through WKU ITS.
Information about Word 365 auto-saving documents in cloud storage.
Information about Zoom stating that there is No Permission to join a meeting.
Instructions for accessing Zoom Cloud Recordings.
Instructions for recording a Zoom meeting to Zoom Cloud with Closed-Captioning.
Instructions for logging into the Adobe Creative Cloud on a lab, classroom, or student workstation.
Information about software for students, faculty, and staff to be able to work remotely during COVID-19 outbreaks.
Information about Microsoft OneDrive.
Instructions for installing OneDrive and setting up OneDrive to sync files.
Instructions to change the playback range of a Zoom cloud recording.
Instructions for downloading a Zoom Recording from a shared link.
Instructions for logging into Microsoft OneDrive with a WKU Exchange account.
Instructions for requesting purchasing for Adobe Creative Cloud.
Information about the storage space on MyStuff.