Admitting Zoom Meeting Participants From The Waiting Room


How do I admit Zoom meeting participants from the waiting room?


  • Zoom


  1. Begin your Zoom meeting, either via or the Zoom desktop client.
    Note: Make sure you are logged into your WKU-licensed account on your desktop client.
  2. In the bottom toolbar of the meeting window, click Participants.
  3. If participants are in the waiting room, you will see their names in the participant list under the Waiting Room section.
  4. Hover over the participant you wish to modify and click Admit or Remove.
    1. If you click Admit, your participant is now in the meeting!
    2. If you click Remove, a message will pop up informing you that once removed the participant will be unable to re-enter this meeting.
      • Confirm if you wish to remove this participant.
      • Check or un-check the Report to Zoom option depending on whether or not you wish to report the participant to Zoom.
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