Connecting to Wireless Network (Chromebook)


How do I connect to the WKU wireless network on my Chromebook?


  • Google Chromebook


For WKU-WIRELESS, new (Summer 2014+) Chromebook models are able to connect without any special requirements.

To connect to WKU-SECURE:

  1. Click the WiFi icon.
  2. Select WKU-Secure.
  3. Set EAP method to PEAP.
  4. Set Phase 2 authentication to Automatic.
  5. Set Server CA Certificate to Do not check.
  6. For Identity, enter your NetID.
  7. For Password, enter your NetID password.
  8. If it does not happen automatically, open your web browser and direct it to a non-WKU page. You will be re-directed to accept WKU-SECURE's terms of agreement.
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