Creating Group Assignments


How do I make a group assignment in Blackboard?


  1. Navigate to the Assignments section of the course site.
  2. Mouse over Assessments.
  3. Select Assignment.
  4. Set the options of the assignment to your liking.
  5. Click Submission Details.
  6. Change the Assignment Type to Group Submission
  7. In the box on the left, select the groups to deploy the assignment to.
  8. Click the  button to move the selected groups to the box on the right
  9. Click Submit.

Note: If the instructor turns Edit Mode to Off, and they aren't in any of the groups, they won't see the link to the assignment.

Note: If there are no groups of students selected to have access to the assignment, you will not be able to manually enter a grade for this assignment. Only students that are selected to participate in the assignment may be awarded a grade. 

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