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Instructions for logging into an Adobe Creative Cloud account purchased through WKU ITS.
Instructions for activating Adobe Acrobat DC purchased through the Software Center.
Instructions for printing PDFs to an MPS printer using Google Chrome or Adobe Reader/Acrobat on a macOS computer.
Instructions on how to install Adobe Creative Cloud applications from the WKU Software Center.
Information on the best way to view PDF documents stored online.
Instructions for using the Highlight Tool in Adobe Acrobat.
Instructions on how to stop Adobe Acrobat X from saving a PDF instead of printing it when you select to print.
Instructions for running a repair of Adobe Acrobat.
Instructions for printing a document and its markups from Adobe Reader.
Instructions on choosing the initial view page in Adobe Pro.
Instructions for fixing an issue where a PDF from Adobe Acrobat should print single-sided and instead it prints double-sided.
Instructions for what to do when encountering error 1310 when installing Adobe Acrobat.
Instructions for editing links in a PDF.
Instructions for converting a PDF into another file format in Adobe Acrobat Pro.
Instructions for re-activating/re-installing Adobe Acrobat/Creative Suite when Acrobat will not open.