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Information about obtaining assistance with Mediasite.
Details on how to resolve a technical issue with WKU Classroom hardware.
Instructions on how to schedule an audio-only telephone conference using the Zoom desktop client.
Instructions for creating a new Zoom account or signing into a Zoom account licensed by WKU.
Instructions for enabling audible notifications in Outlook.
Information about the recommended Zoom security settings for meetings.
Instructions for using a phone call in a Zoom meeting instead of a microphone.
Instructions on scheduling an audio-only/phone conference using Zoom Outlook Plug-in.
Instructions on creating a recurring audio conference in Zoom.
Instructions on how to resolve a USB microphone not appearing as an option in a Zoom meeting.
Instructions for removing a participant from a Zoom meeting.
Instructions on what to do if you cannot hear a built-in mic in a Zoom meeting when the mic is not muted.
Instructions on how to test computer audio when the Test Computer Audio prompt window appears before your Zoom meeting.
Instructions on how to test your audio settings, such as input or output, during an ongoing Zoom meeting.
Information about addressing unwanted participants / behavior in a Zoom meeting.