No Audio Input to Microphone in Zoom


I cannot be heard through my built-in microphone in a Zoom meeting.


  • Zoom


  1. If you have not already, test your video to confirm that the correct microphone is selected and adjust your audio settings.
  2. Make sure your mic is not muted.
  3. If your microphone is not found, please reboot your computer to ensure that all audio drivers have been started.
  4. In the bottom toolbar, click the arrow next to the audio icon.
  5. Click Audio Settings.
  6. Under the microphone volume, uncheck Automatically adjust volume.
  7. Raise the microphone volume using the blue volume bar.
  8. Close the settings window.

Note: If you are on Mac OS 10.14 Mojave and are still having difficulty hearing your built-in mic, check your operating system permissions to confirm that Zoom has access to the mic

Note: If you are using Windows and are still having difficulty hearing your built-in mic, Windows 10 has a privacy feature that may block Zoom from using the mic. Learn more about this feature and how to allow Zoom access to your mic.