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Information on what to do when you have issues with equipment checked out through TopperTech (formerly TRC).
Instructions for clearing bad or failed print jobs on a Windows computer.
Instructions on what to do when you can't sign into the Parking and Transportation Permit website but you can sign into myWKU.
Information about correcting an incorrect username or password error when logging into a computer.
Information about what to do if your clicker is having issues.
Instructions for reporting problems with Cisco Jabber.
Information for troubleshooting no video in Zoom when using the computer's built-in webcam
Instructions on what to do if you cannot hear a built-in mic in a Zoom meeting when the mic is not muted.
Information on what to do if you need assistance with Qualtrics.
Instructions for when Online Interlibrary Loan system displays error: You may be signed into one institution at a time.
Information for Instructors who have students that are having technical issues with Blackboard.
Instructions for reporting a problem or issue with a Google G Suite account.
Information on how to handle issues with EPAF forms.
Instructions for changing the text size in Outlook 2016 on Windows.