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Information on editing Blackboard Discussion Board posts.
Instructions for printing Blackboard Discussion Board posts.
Information regarding not receiving subscription email notifications from Blackboard.
Information on recovering deleted items from Blackboard.
Instructions for attaching a file to a discussion board post in Blackboard.
Instructions for using Blackboard spell-check.
Instructions on how to edit a discussion board draft in Blackboard.
Instructions on resolving an issue where a Blackboard discussion board submission won't save.
Instructions on what to do when you are missing discussion board posts and it displays "No items found".
Information about what to do when you receive "Access Denied" error when opening an unavailable forum as an Instructor in Blackboard.
Instructions for sorting forums in Blackboard.
Instructions for instructors on preventing students from creating new threads within a Blackboard forum.
Instructions on viewing discussion board forum posts in tree or list view.
Instructions for creating hyperlinks in the Blackboard text editor.
Instructions on deleting a discussion board post on Blackboard as a student.