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Instructions for disabling full screen view on Google Chrome.
Instructions for fixing full-screen windows that are cut off.
Information and instructions for correcting display problems from Office 2016 on Windows 10 computers.
Information regarding Blackboard displaying as a mobile-friendly view when using Blackboard on a non-mobile browser.
Information about Respondus LockDown Browser displaying only a white screen.
Information for NetIDs showing up as names in Zoom meetings.
Information about troubleshooting a non-working web cam.
Instructions for turning off camera privacy mode in Lenovo settings.
Information and instructions about TVs that only display a channel to contact ITS.
Instructions for showing checkboxes in a Word document where text is in their place.
Instructions for changing the amount of time that it takes for the screen saver to display on a macOS computer.
Instructions for toggling grayscale screen off/on in Windows 10.