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Information for instructors to ensure Blackboard course items can be accessed by students.
Information regarding what to do if assignments are missing after using Course Copy.
Information about what to do when your computer is missing files and settings after being worked on by Toppertech.
Instructions for completing a Course Copy with Blackboard Ultra courses.
Instructions on how to move an item in a Blackboard course that you manage.
Information about shared mailboxes' deleted items going to a user's personal deleted items folder.
Information on recovering deleted items from Blackboard.
Instructions for creating a Blackboard Calendar item.
Instructions on what to do when you are missing discussion board posts and it displays "No items found".
Instructions for completing an Item Analysis report to review student grades and answers for an exam.
Instructions on what to do when reordered course menu items don't keep their position in Blackboard.
Instructions for creating a Course Link that links directly to content or files within your Blackboard Course Menu.