Shared Files Not Viewable


I created a folder in a shared drive and my colleague can access the folder but cannot see any of the files I added inside the folder.


If the user moved the contents of this folder from a different area or departmental folder on the shared drive then the contents may not have updated to reflect the new active directory rights in the new folder. This means the users who typically have access to content in the folder would not be able to see any of the content in this folder because the content does not have the correct access rights.


The user who originally placed the content in the folder will need to move the content to their desktop and then copy it back to the folder on the shared drive. This will force the contents to update to the appropriate access rights so other users who should have access to the folder can see the contents in the folder.

  1. Open folder in shared drive.
  2. Drag each file in the folder to the desktop.
  3. Drag each file from the desktop to the folder.
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