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Instructions on how to fix the error: "Your account doesn't allow editing..."
Instructions for a Main Site Contact on giving someone rights to edit an Omni CMS page.
Instructions for adding or removing a delegate in Outlook 2019 for macOS.
Information about previewing Omni CMS pages without having Omni CMS access
Instructions for giving someone access to edit the News Addon in Omni CMS.
Instructions on changing permissions of an asset in Omni CMS.
Information for employees on how to request Banner, InfoView, and TopNet accounts and/or training for these systems.
Instructions on reviewing and editing the sharing permissions of your calendar.
Instructions for sharing a Google Doc.
Instructions for fixing broken Blackboard Collaborate Recording links.
Instructions for making shared files viewable to everyone with access to the folder.
Instructions to edit permissions for Zoom Desktop Client for Windows if Zoom cannot see the built-in webcam and there are no other programs using the webcam concurrently with Zoom.
Instructions on how to edit permissions for Zoom if the client clicked "Don't Allow" when prompted to give microphone or camera access by the Zoom Desktop Client.
Information about permissions for Zoom Desktop Client for Macs on 10.14 Mojave and 10.15 Catalina
Information about what to do when a student gets this error when clicking a file in Blackboard but the instructor does not: "The specified resource was not found, or you do not have permission to access it."