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Why am I unable to play embedded QuickTime videos in Blackboard?


  • Windows
    • Blackboard
      • Embedded QuickTime videos


Apple no longer supports QuickTime for Windows. WKU-owned computers, including Faculty/Staff and Lab computers, will not have the QuickTime plugin installed. QuickTime (.mov) files embedded within a Blackboard course site (or linked to a third-party integration containing embedded QuickTime files) will no longer play within Internet Explorer or Google Chrome.


Firefox will play most embedded QuickTime (.mov) videos. ITS recommends Firefox as the primary workaround for playing existing embedded QuickTime videos. However, depending on how the QuickTime file was encoded, Firefox may still be unable to play the file.



ITS recommends uploading videos to Mediasite. This will ensure more consistent playback across all web browsers for your students. Please see this article for instructions on how to upload videos to Mediasite.

 Note: If you want your students to be able to download your video and it's under 250MB you can follow these steps to upload your video to Blackboard. ITS does not support this method as it does not ensure a consistent experience for all students.

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