Redirected to a Different Website when Opening Course


When I enter my Blackboard site as an instructor, I am automatically forwarded to the WKU Libraries website (or other site outside of Blackboard).


The Entry Point for the course has become one of the menu items that is set as an external link.


You cannot directly access the course to change the Entry Point.  However, you can access the course indirectly:

  1. Click on any other course site in Blackboard.
  2. Navigate to an area of the course that exists in both course sites (e.g., Discussions).
  3. Click the Recently Visited dropdown (chevron icon above the course menu).
  4. Select the course that needs to be fixed. This will take you to the same page in the newly selected site.
  5. In the Control Panel, click Customization.
  6. Click Teaching Style.
  7. In the Entry Point dropdown, select a new entry point.
  8. Click Submit.


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Thu 9/15/16 1:37 PM
Thu 7/29/21 12:24 PM

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