Missing Files Downloaded from Internet


I opened a file from the internet, made changes, saved the file, and now I cannot find it again.


The Open button may have been used in Internet Explorer or Edge, which saved the file to the Temp Files location. In other browsers, the file may have been saved to the Downloads folder or another default location.


To locate the file easily, open the program that was used to edit the file. Many programs have a Recent Files menu that may still contain the missing file. Once the file is opened, use the Save As feature to save it to a better known location.

The file may also be located in the Temp Files location, which may vary depending on the browser and computer used to open the file.

We recommend always using the Save As button when downloading files from the internet.


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Tue 10/3/17 8:44 AM
Wed 7/22/20 1:52 PM