Articles about issues with the web browsers Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer.

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Adjusting Zoom Settings in a Web Browser

Instructions for adjusting the Zoom settings in your web browser.

Allowing Third Party Cookies

Instructions on allowing third party cookies within your web browser.

Changing a Tab into a Window

Instructions for making a tab in Firefox become a new window.

Clearing Cache

Instructions for clearing cache in a browser.

Closing a Suspicious Popup

Information about what to do when you receive a suspicious popup while on the internet.

Cut, Copy, and Paste Not Working

Information on using cut, copy, and paste in a web browser.

Disabling Push Notifications in Browser

Instructions for disabling push notifications in browser.

Images Not Displaying in Outlook Web App

Some images are not displayed in email messages when read through the Outlook Web App.

Links Not Opening

Instructions for changing the default web browser in Windows 10.

Missing Files Downloaded from Internet

Information regarding missing downloaded files.

Missing Payment Form Data Error

Instructions for correcting the Missing Payment Form Data error when processing a payment to WKU Parking and Transportation.

Receiving Your Connection is Not Private

Instructions for how to bypass the private connection on Chrome and Safari.

Refreshing a Web Page

Instructions on how to refresh a web page.

Resolving Expired or Invalid Website Security Certificate Errors

Information on why webpages display security certificate error messages.

Resolving Secure Connection Failed Error

Instructions on resolving this error when browsing secure websites: Secure Connection Failed

Saving a Linked File Manually

Instructions for saving a file online manually.

Saving Image from Web Page

Instructions for saving images from a web page.

Turning Off Web Browser's Built-In Password Manager

Instructions for how to turn off your browser's internal password manager.

Viewing Documents Online Without Downloading

Information regarding downloading files and displaying them in-browser.

Web Browser Inspection/Debug Tools

Instructions for closing the browser inspection and debugging pane that displays computer code.

Website Not Displayed as Expected

Information on what to do when a website doesn't display as you would have expected it to.

Website Not Loading

Instructions for what to do when a page or multiple pages are not displaying.