Articles about the browser Safari.

Articles (12)

Computer Locks Up When Closing a Tab

Instructions for clearing Safari's history on macOS computers when the computer temporarily locks up or freezes after closing a window or tab.

Creating A Safari URL Desktop Shortcut

Instructions for creating a desktop web link from Safari.

Displaying My Homepage By Default

Instructions for displaying a homepage for Safari.

Enabling Cookies on Safari

Instructions for enabling cookies in the Safari web browser.

Enabling Plug-ins

Instructions for enabling plug-ins for Safari.

Enabling Pop-ups on Safari

Instructions for allowing pop-ups on Safari.

Importing Data from Other Browsers

Instructions for importing data from other browsers into Safari.

Loading Many Pop-ups When Launching

Instructions for when Safari opens several pop-up windows upon launch.

Modifying Text Size

Instructions for making the text size larger in Safari.

Opening Webarchive Files

Information about opening .webarchive files.

Removing Omnibar from Safari

Instructions for removing Omnibar from Safari.

Resetting Browser Settings

Instructions for resetting Safari.