Articles about the browser Google Chrome.

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Accounts Not Staying Logged In

Instructions for allowing Chrome to retain active login information between sessions.

Changing Default Printer

Instructions for changing the default printer in Google Chrome.

Chrome Only Shows "Foo Printer"

Instructions for correcting Google Chrome showing only "Foo Printer" as a printing option.

Clearing Passwords

Instructions for clearing passwords in Google Chrome.

Crashing When Trying to Print (Windows)

Instructions for switching to the system dialog to print in Chrome on Windows, if it crashes using the native Print Preview dialog.

Disabling Chrome Full Screen Display

Instructions for disabling full screen view on Google Chrome.

Disabling Chrome's Print Preview (macOS)

Instructions for turning off Chrome's print interface to force it to always use the macOS print interface.

Disabling Google Chrome Extensions

Instructions for disabling Google Chrome extensions.

Enabling Flash on Chrome

Instructions for enabling Flash on Google Chrome.

Enabling Pop-ups on Chrome

Instructions for enabling pop-ups on Chrome.

Finding Saved Chrome Passwords (Windows)

Instructions on how to find a stored password in Google Chrome.

Flushing Sockets

Instructions for flushing sockets when downloads do not complete in Google Chrome.

Google Chrome Asking to Save Each File Before Downloading

Instructions for disabling Google Chrome asking to save each file before downloading.

Installing Chrome

Instructions for installing Google Chrome.

Installing Chrome Offline

Instructions for installing Google Chrome with an offline installer.

Installing Extensions

Instructions for installing extensions in Google Chrome.

Loading Blocked Plug-Ins or Extensions in Chrome

Instructions for manually enabling blocked plug-ins or extensions in Chrome.

Managing Bookmarks and Favorites

Information about Bookmarks in Chrome.

Opening an Incognito Window in Chrome

Instructions for opening an incognito window in Google Chrome.

Resetting Chrome

Instructions on how to reset Chrome to default settings.

Resetting Chrome Settings

Resetting Chrome Settings

Saving a Webpage as a PDF

Instructions for saving a webpage as a PDF in Chrome.

Signing Into Chrome

Instructions for signing into Chrome.

Starting with Extensions Disabled

Instructions for starting Chrome with the extensions disabled.

Uninstalling Google Chrome (macOS)

Instructions for completely removing Chrome from a macOS computer.

Updating Google Chrome

Instructions for updating Google Chrome.

Updating Saved Passwords

Instructions for updating saved passwords in Google Chrome.