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Accessing Blackboard From MyWKU Error

Instructions on resolving the error "Guests are not allowed to access this content" when trying to access Blackboard through myWKU using Firefox.

Activating Adobe Flash Plugin

Instructions for enabling Adobe Flash inside of the Firefox web browser.

Adjusting Print Margins (Firefox)

Instructions for adjusting the print margins in Firefox.

An Error Occurred While Printing

Information about the message stating that an error occurred while printing in Firefox.

Changing Download Location

Instructions on how to change where Firefox downloads files.

Changing Firefox Filetype Download Behavior

Instructions for changing Firefox's download behavior based on filetype.

Choosing an Application to Handle Email Links

Instructions on how to choose an application to handle email links in Firefox.

Clicking a PDF Opens Many Blank Tabs

Information on what to do when clicking a PDF in Firefox opens many gray tabs but does not display the document.

Default Webpages to Open in New Tab

Instructions for setting default webpages to open in a new tab in Firefox.

Disabling Adware Add-ons

Instructions for disabling the adware add-ons for Firefox.

Disabling Automatic Video Playback

Instructions for disabling Firefox from auto-playing embedded videos.

Disabling Private Browsing Mode

Instructions for disabling private browsing mode in Firefox which allows the user to enable features such as storing usernames and passwords for websites.

Disabling Zoom with Scroll Wheel in Firefox

Instructions for disabling Firefox's ability to zoom using the scroll wheel of the mouse when pressing the CTRL key on the keyboard.

Displaying the Title Bar

Instructions on displaying the title bar in Mozilla Firefox.

Enabling Adobe PDF Plugin

Instructions on how to enable the Adobe PDF plugin to restore the missing toolbar button.

Enabling Plugins

Instructions for enabling plugins on Firefox.

Enabling the Bookmarks Toolbar

Instructions to enable the hidden Bookmarks Toolbar in Firefox.

Finding Downloads Folder

Instructions for finding the downloads folder in Firefox.

Firefox Not Responding With myWKU

Information about Firefox Quantum ESR freezing when using myWKU.

Firefox Prompting to Download F.TXT Files.

Information about Firefox prompting to download a file called F.TXT at random times.

Installing Firefox

Instructions for installing Firefox.

Locating Files Opened but not Saved

Information on where unsaved files opened through Firefox are stored.

Not Printing to Default Device (Firefox)

Instructions for resetting the default print device in Firefox.

Opening Links in New Tabs

Instructions for opening links in a new tab on Firefox.

Printed Pages Not Spanning Entire Width of Paper

Information about what to do when printed documents from Firefox don't span the whole width of the paper.

Printing Fails

Instructions for refreshing Firefox when all printing attempts fail.

Removing Add-Ons From Firefox

Instructions for removing add-ons in Firefox for macOS and Windows.

Saving Webpage as a PDF File

Instructions for saving a webpage as a .pdf file in Firefox.

Toggling Reader View

Steps to enable reader view in Firefox.

Transferring Bookmarks

Instructions for manually copying Firefox bookmarks from one computer to another.

Turning Off Auto-Complete for Usernames and Passwords

Instructions for turning off auto-complete usernames and passwords in Firefox.

Unexpectedly Clearing Browsing History

Instructions on what to do when Firefox isn't saving your browsing history.

Updating Firefox Fails

Information on how to update Firefox when the automatic update fails.

Using CutePDF Writer to Save PDF Files

Instructions for using CutePDF writer to save PDF files.

Viewing Downloaded Files in Firefox

Instructions for viewing files downloaded in Firefox.

Viewing the Source of a Webpage

Information on how to view the source of a webpage in Firefox.

Weak Ephemeral SSL Key Error

Information on how to resolve a "weak ephemeral SSL key" error.