Using OneDrive to Share Files (OWA)


How do I upload and share a file through Microsoft OneDrive?



  • Webmail (OWA)


Sharing files to others that do not have addresses ending in or is not permitted for the security of WKU data.
OneDrive has a maximum uploaded file size of 10GB. It is a useful way for students to share files with instructors that are larger than the 250MB file size limit present in Blackboard.
  1. Log into your WKU email
  2. Open the App Launcher icon.
  3. Under Apps, click OneDrive.
  4. Click Upload and then select Files.
  5. Navigate to the file you wish to upload.
  6. Once the file is done uploading, hover your mouse over it within OneDrive and click the  Share button.
  7. Enter the email addresses you wish to share the file to.
  8. Click the pencil icon by the individual's name and change to Can edit or Can view as desired.
  9. If necessary, add a personal message that the recipient will see along with the file link.
  10. Click Send to share the file.
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