Accessing Day One Access Complete & Solutions First Day Textbooks


How do I access textbooks through the WKU Store's Day One Access / Complete Solutions First Day program?


This article is provided only for your convenience. WKU Information Technology Services does not manage or support Day One Access. Please contact the WKU Store with any additional concerns. The WKU Store can be contacted at 270-745-2466 or 1-800-444-5155

Instructors participating in the Day One Access program will provide a link to the electronic textbook, usually in the Content section of their Blackboard course site. The WKU Store recommends students wait for the first day of class to receive instructions about accessing electronic material. If you have additional questions about course material, contact the instructor for assistance.


Some additional troubleshooting steps, should you have errors accessing materials: 

  • Ensure all popup blockers are turned off. 
  • Clear your cache and cookies from your browser. 


Students experiencing issues can receive support here: 

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