Determining if a Device Supports USB-A or USB-C


How do I determine which type of USB connection my device supports when choosing a Yubico USB Security Key Fob for Microsoft Authentication?


  • Windows
  • MacOS


Yubico USB Security Key Fobs come in two port configurations: USB-A and USB-C. Not all devices are compatible with both port types.


The easiest way to determine which version your device is compatible with is through a visual inspection.

  • Laptop USB ports are located on the sides of the device.
  • Desktop USB ports are typically located on the front panel of the device near the power button, and/or on the back of the device.
  • All-in-One (AIO) device USB ports are located on the back and/or sides of the display unit.

USB-A Characteristics

  • USB-A ports are rectangular in shape,14mm wide and 6mm tall.
  • USB-A ports will generally have a trident symbol printed next to them. 
  • USB-A ports are present on most Windows-based devices and some Mac devices.

USB-C Characteristics

  • USB-C ports are oval in shape, 8.4mm wide and 2.6mm tall.
  • USB-C ports are present on most Mac devices and some Windows-based devices.

If you need further assistance in determining which Yubico USB Security Key Fob is compatible with your device, please contact the ITS Service Desk.


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