Editing a Page


How can I update a WKU page through Omni CMS?


Note: Only individuals with particular rights may update WKU web pages. If an individual does not have the appropriate rights, please see related article Modifying Rights to a Page.

  1. Navigate to the appropriate web address in the browser, for example http://wku.edu/its/servicedesk.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of this web page.
  3. Click Last Modified.
  4. Log in to Omni CMS with your NetID and Password. Choose Login.
  5. Click Edit or Edit Content Area in the appropriate section to be changed.
  6. Upon making the necessary changes, save the edits by clicking the floppy disk icon.
  7. When the page is up to date it must be published. Select Publish.
  8. Add a comment to the Version Description field. This will be helpful if you must revert the page in the future.
  9. Click Publish.
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