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Instructions for editing the links for a site's Top Navigation menu.
Instructions for subscribing OU Campus calendars to other calendar events.
Instructions for inserting pictures into OUCampus news articles.
Instructions for subscribing a News feed in OU Campus.
Instructions on how to add a CV to an employee's profile in OU Campus.
Instructions for deleting a Staff Addon.
Instructions for replacing a staff profile photo with the WKU logo in OU Addons.
Instructions for adding a slider (carousel image gallery) to the top of a page above the page's title and content in the new Site Template.
Instructions for adding the Calendar and/or News Feed addon to a page in OU Campus.
Instructions on how to turn on or off specific content regions or elements of a page, such as the left or right column, or slider region.
Instructions on how to delete a folder in OU Campus from the production server.
Instructions for creating a grid gallery asset in OU Campus.
Instructions for inserting card snippets.
Instructions for changing the number of rows or columns in a table.
Instructions for creating a button link inside of OU Campus.