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Instructions for resetting your WKUID PIN.
Instructions for looking up WKU application credentials.
Instructions on what to do when you receive authorization failure error after a PIN reset.
Instructions on how to create/change your voicemail PIN.
Instructions to look up a student worker TopNet advisor account and reset the PIN.
Instructions on how to use IVS recording links provided by AVS Support.
Information about what to do if the passcode to an iOS device is forgotten.
Information about resolving the following error message when checking voicemail: Your account is locked and cannot be opened. For help, contact your system administrator.
Information on adding an access code to an MPS Ricoh printer.
Instructions on how to apply to WKU.
Information on why a PIN lock screen may appear on a Mac, instead of the normal login screen.
Information about unlocking a WKU-owned iPad after it has been locked by another employee.
Instructions for uploading documents to the Graduate School Document Upload Portal.
Instructions on how to unlock your voicemail PIN if it has been locked from too many failed attempts.
Information on adding an access code to a Konica Minolta printer on a Windows computer.