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Instructions on how to change default PDF document opening behavior within web browsers.
Information regarding supported browsers for Blackboard.
Instructions for clearing cache in a browser.
Instructions for enabling the ability to "remember me for 30 days" on DUO for Safari
Instructions for changing default browser in System Preferences on macOS devices.
Instructions for how to bypass the private connection on Chrome and Safari.
Information about what to do when previewing a document in Blackboard in Safari.
Instructions for enabling cookies in the Safari web browser.
Information about resolving the license agreement error that can appear on Macs when opening PDFs in a web browser.
Instructions for saving a file online manually.
Instructions for resetting Safari.
Instructions for making the text size larger in Safari.
Instructions for when Safari opens several pop-up windows upon launch.
Instructions for importing data from other browsers into Safari.
Instructions for enabling plug-ins for Safari.