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Information about Microsoft Shared Experiences.
Information on what to do when you have issues with equipment checked out through TopperTech (formerly TRC).
Information about Office 365 installations failing to start.
Information about what to do if your clicker is having issues.
Instructions for reporting problems with Cisco Jabber.
Information on what to do if you need assistance with Qualtrics.
Information for Instructors who have students that are having technical issues with Blackboard.
Information on what to do if you cannot login to iStart.
Instructions for reporting a problem or issue with a Google G Suite account.
Instructions on where to report incorrect information found on a WKU website.
Information and instructions regarding problems connecting to WKU's wireless networks.
Instructions for correcting the error Installation Problem: IMS lib not found when opening Adobe Acrobat.
Information about WKU's wireless network and what to do if you are having Wi-Fi issues.
Information about changing an assignment after it is submitted.