Unable to Publish Omni CMS Page


Why can't I publish my page in Omni CMS? 


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When publishing a page in Omni CMS, final checks will scan your page for errors. One of the checks it does is for accessibility errors. Accessibility check looks for issues in the page as defined by accessibility standards such as Section 508 and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). It identifies three types of problems (known, likely, and potential):

  • Known problems have been verified as broken or creating an error.
  • Likely problems need to be reviewed by a user to determine if it's actually a problem or not.
  • Potential problems are either code that may cause errors or possible errors that cannot be automatically checked and require human review.


Starting October 4th 2021, pages containing any Known Problems will be prevented from publishing.

If a page contains a Known Problem, the publish button will be disabled until it is repaired. Likely and Potential problems will not prevent publishing, but should also be reviewed and repaired if possible. In order to publish your page, you must first review the Known Problem(s) detected on the page and make repairs. For further information, please see these articles.


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