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Instructions for adding a TopperMail account to macOS' built-in mail application.
Instructions for adding an Exchange account to Outlook 2019 on macOS.
Instructions for installing Microsoft Office 2019 on a macOS device.
Instructions for adding a Ricoh MPS printer to Mac computers.
Instructions for changing the amount of time that it takes for the screen saver to display on a macOS computer.
Information about limiting logins on macOS computers to specific Active Directory groups.
Information regarding connecting personal OneDrive accounts to WKU-Owned Macs using WKU-licensed Office 2019.
Instructions for resetting macOS preferences if joining WKU's WiFi networks fail.
Instructions for changing a Mac printer's default option to force it to print single-sided if the feature cannot be changed normally.
Instructions for making display scroll bars always appear on macOS computers.
Information regarding the various boot options for Mac computers.
Instructions for removing names from the Track Changes feature of Word for macOS.
Instructions for resetting the SMC (System Management Controller) on Mac computers.
Instructions for clearing Safari's history on macOS computers when the computer temporarily locks up or freezes after closing a window or tab.
Instructions for removing an Apple device from Find My iPhone.