Edge Submits 0 Byte Assignment File


I submitted an assignment file to Blackboard, but when I check the submission, it is a blank document (0 byte file).


  • Microsoft Edge
    • Blackboard
      • Assignment


There is a known issue that affects Microsoft Edge on Windows 10. If the Microsoft file (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc.) is open at the time it is submitted in Blackboard using Microsoft Edge, a 0 byte file is submitted, rather than the user's file.


This issue can be avoided by using a browser other than Microsoft Edge (i.e., Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox), or by making sure the Microsoft file is not open at the time of submission. Additionally, Microsoft has released a newer version of Edge that is based on the Chromium web browser. This version of Edge must be manually downloaded and does not have the same problems that the original version of Edge had.

Whether another attempt to submit will be permitted is at the sole discretion of the course's instructor.

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