Duo Security Not Remembering Sign-in For 30 Days


The Duo Security on my WKU Exchange mail is not remembering me for 30 days even though the option has been selected. 


  • OWA
    • Duo Security


There are several parts for the Duo Security to be able to utilize the Remember Me option. If any options counteract these settings the feature will not work appropriately.


WKU lab and classroom machines utilize profile deletion to clear user data from the machines every 14 days. On lab and classroom machines, the Remember Me function will work in Firefox and Microsoft Edge, but will not work on Google Chrome.

In order for the Remember Me option to be successful, the web browser must be able to store and access cookies and cached information for DUO Security. When using your preferred browser, make sure that third party cookies are enabled and the option to clear browsing data upon closing the program is turned off.

Duo Security will not be able to use the Remember Me function if the browser is in a private or incognito mode.

You can also make an exception for DUO Security only by following the steps here.

If you are continuing to have problems after checking these settings please contact the ITS Service Desk.

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