Creating New Blackboard Original View Content Areas


How do I create a new Content Area or restore one that I accidentally deleted? 


  • Blackboard
    • Original View


  1. Log into Blackboard. 
  2. Navigate to the course in question. 
  3. In the course menu, hover over the red plus sign and select Content Area
  4. You may name this anything you wish, such as Course Content if you accidentally deleted the default area. 
  5. Ensure that the checkbox for Available to All Users is checked. 
  6. Click Submit

Note: If you previously had a content area with content in it and it was deleted, your content will remain in the content collection for the course. Once you have created your new Content Area and want to add/build content there, please select to Browse Content Collection first and see if your content is located there. This will prevent unwanted and un-needed duplicates of items that could be confusing later on. 


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