Login Attempts Exceeded


When I attempt to log in to OU Campus, I receive an error:

This user has exceeded their maximum number of login attempts.

What do I do?


After three invalid login attempts, the OU Campus account becomes locked out.


Please contact the ITS Service Desk to have the account unlocked.


Service Desk Consultants Only

An email will automatically be generated and sent to the client to inform them that their account has been locked. A ticket will automatically be created and sent to the ITS Service Desk Routing Group. If a client calls in before we call them, make sure to locate the existing ticket.

  1. The ITS Service Desk will receive a ticket in OU Campus' name to the ITS Service Desk Routing Group.
  2. Change the requestor to correspond to the person with the locked account.
  3. Log into MGT Interface.
  4. Hover over HD Tools.
  5. Click OU Campus Unlock Accounts.
  6. Type in the NetID of the locked account.
  7. Click Unlock.
     Note: Sometimes the APIs hang, please be patient. If you get a timeout message, just try unlocking the account again.
  8. Send the Canned Email - SErvice Desk > OU Campus Account Unlocked to the client.
  9. Close the ticket.


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