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Instructions for changing default file types and apps on Windows 11.
Instructions for requesting student access to past courses that are outside of a normal course term.
Information about macOS system/kernel extensions and how to install software that relies on them.
Information about supported file types on Blackboard.
Instructions on how to make a phone call from a WKU phone.
Instructions for installing extensions in Google Chrome.
Instructions for changing Firefox's download behavior based on filetype.
Information about Cisco Jabber and standard desk phones being used simultaneously.
Instructions on how to remove extensions in Microsoft Edge
Instructions for creating pages in Omni CMS without an extension in the URL.
Instructions for changing the file type extension within Windows.
Instructions for adding a file extension to files on a macOS computer.
Information about the legitimacy of the plugin.
Information about opening .webarchive files.
Instructions for starting Chrome with the extensions disabled.