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Instructions for performing scan-to-email on a Ricoh printer in the Student Technology Centers.
Instructions for printing to the Ricoh printers in the Student Technology Centers.
Instructions for how to make copies at a Ricoh printer.
Information about requesting access to WKU lab printers outside normal semester timelines.
Instructions for logging into a WKU lab computer.
Information on how much your print allocation is per semester.
Instructions for mapping the Z:\ for CEC / Communications Sciences and Disorders access.
Instructions for sending a print job from your personal computer to a WKU Student Technology Center (STC) printer.
Information about accessing WKU computer lab machines remotely.
Information about logging into WKU computers while not being enrolled.
Information on what software is available in the Student Technology Center labs around campus.
Information on how software is installed on classroom and lab computers.
Instructions for saving Camtasia Projects on lab computers.
Instructions for resolving "No Logon Servers" error on a classroom or lab machine.
Information about where you can register for classes when you are on WKU's Bowling Green campus.