Sending Files With Links to Locally Stored Files


How can I send a group of Microsoft Office files to someone else that hyperlink to each other?


  • Microsoft Office
    • Microsoft Word
    • Microsoft Excel
    • Microsoft PowerPoint


Sending groups of files with hyperlinks to each other can be challenging, because if any file moves relative to the others the hyperlinks will be broken. Additionally, relative file paths must be used if the files will be moved to another computer. It's best to host the group of files on a central server or website wherever possible.


  1. Create a folder to hold all of the related files.
  2. Create the links to individual files as desired.
  3. Verify that only the target file's name or a short path to the file appears in the hyperlink Address field when creating the links. If the link begins with file:// or a drive letter such as C:\ or S:\ the links will not work on other computers or off of your network.
  4. Save all of the files in the folder that you created.
  5. Create a zipped (compressed) folder of the folder you created in Step 1. This will help ensure the documents will all be extracted to the same place by the recipient.
  6. Send the entire zipped folder to the recipient. Do not send individual files; the links will be broken if they're not saved in the same location.


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