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How do I export a test from Blackboard to a text document? 


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Ensure you have the correct Blackboard configuration by following the steps in the related article Setting Up and Configuring Respondus.
Currently there is no way to export a test from Blackboard directly into a text document. This can be done with the Respondus software, available for Windows Operating Systems. 
  1. See related article Installing Respondus for instructions to install the Respondus software, then following the steps in the related article Setting Up and Configuring Respondus to make the connection to Blackboard. 
  2. After Respondus has been installed, open the software. 
  3. Click the Retrieval & Reports tab. 
  4. Click the Retrieve Questions button. 
  5. Verify the server settings in the Wizard window. They should be set for the WKU Blackboard server, https://wku.blackboard.com.
  6. When prompted, enter your NetID and password as you normally would to log into Blackboard. 
  7. In the appropriate drop-downs, select the following: 
    1. The course from which you wish to retrieve questions. 
    2. Which exam (test/survey/pool) you wish to pull from. 
    3. Enter a name for the file you are creating. 
  8. Click Next
  9. Respondus will contact Blackboard to retrieve the information you have requested. You will see a notification window stating that the file has been saved with a pop-up. Click OK on the pop-up. 
  10. When the task has completed successfully click Finish
  11. Go to the Start tab in Respondus. 
  12. Click the Open button. 
  13. Select the file you just named and created. There will not be a notification telling you that the file has been opened.
  14. Go to the Preview & Publish tab. 
  15. Click Print Options
  16. Select the format you would like to print or save
  17. Select any options for creating a header or randomizing questions that you would like. 
  18. Click Print Preview to see how the test will appear. If this is acceptable you can click Save to File to create a Word document that you can print. 
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